Sara El-Emary

Egyptian Canadian modest fashion influencer Sara Elemary is a fashion designer who currently resides in Cairo, Egypt. In 2005, Sara Elemary graduated from AAST University in Cairo, Egypt with a degree in Business Marketing. Inspired by her father who is a successful entrepreneur and driven by her passion for fashion, she decided to pursue her dream of making a career out of fashion design.


After gaining the knowledge from her business marketing education and her comprehensive understanding of what the local market needs, a design aesthetic was decided from the very beginning of her professional career. She sought to create pieces that combine aspects of “comfort, boldness, and power” with attention to detail as a timeless winning formula. 


Sara Elemary puts lots of thoughts into her designs to ensure that almost every figure and posture will look good in the clothes, complementing all types of women. Her deconstructed designs breathe new life into fashion turning them into distinctive brands.